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Tree trimming is an important yet dangerous part of home ownership. If you have a damaged limb or dead branch hanging above your home or vehicle, it does not take much to send it crashing down. The end result is an expensive repair or a lengthy claim involving your insurance company. Therefore, contact Stateline Tree Works and I will prevent this problem from happening. I offer the best tree trimming in Tiverton, RI, and I know how to trim your trees so that they will not cause any damage.

I offer tree trimming services for both residential and commercial properties, which ensures that your property looks great all year long and that your trees do not pose a risk to any personal property or injury to a person. I can also perform tree pruning and can evaluate the overall health of your trees to let you know if they should be removed. If they do need to be removed, I can help with that and will also remove any stump that may end up being left behind.

In addition to the tree trimming services that I provide, I also offer a wide range of other tree and landscape services. I can help you design your project and can assist with the implementation, including installation of trees, shrubbery, and more! I have done tree trimming for a local association, residential properties, and businesses, and I can assist you with your needs too! I have the equipment and skills to take care of your trees without climbing.

For tree trimming, storm damage cleanup, and tree removal, schedule your free estimate with Stateline Tree Works and enjoy having your trees trimmed in Tiverton, RI.

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